And so it grues : Zork-like interactive fiction, Hadean Lands due on iOS

By Dave Neumann 20 Oct 2014 0
Where is the small mailbox? Where is the small mailbox?

I've reviewed a lot of interactive fiction here at Pocket Tactics. We're talking tons. Maybe more than I should have? Maybe not enough? At the end of the day, however, I've never played interactive fiction like Hadean Lands before. That's not totally true. I remember playing games much like Hadean Lands between cutting notches in my floppy disks, but I haven't played games like this on an iOS device.

Hadean Lands tells the story of a lone survivor of a crashed starship who also happens to be an alchemist. It's like peanut butter and chocolate from where I'm sitting. Instead of the choose-your-own-adventure style of IF you may be used to, Hadean Lands goes the route of games like Zork and other Infocom classics of yesteryear. You are given an environment usually littered with tools and items you can interact with and then you tell the game what you want to do. We used to call these "text adventures" and solving puzzles while "talking" to your PC was as close to solo D&D as a pimply 13 year-old could have hoped for.

The man behind Hadean Lands is Andrew Plotkin who's no stranger to this type of thing. He's written several other award-winning interactive text adventures such as Shade and The Dreamhold, as well as being a major force in keeping interactive fiction relevant today. Oh, and he's also the guy responsible for creating an entire genre of game with Werewolf.

Hadean Lands successfully Kickstarted nearly 4 years ago, but was just submitted to the App Store and should be arriving on October 30.

Kickstarter video after the break.

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