GWENT The Witcher Card Game is coming to iOS later this year

By Joe Robinson 27 Mar 2019 1

Hey, I hear you like card games. How about another card game to go with your card game? It’s a strange one – at times the app market can feel a bit crowded when it comes to card games, especially multiplayer focused CCG/TCG games, and at the same time… not.

What I mean by that is, while plenty have tried to take Hearthstone’s crown (like many PC devs came for World of Warcraft’s before it), none have really succeeded, although ‘success’ is a relative term. Plenty have carved out a decent niche for themselves within the space, which is more than what you can say for many MMOs, so clearly there’s enough diversity and strong IPs to cater to people’s tastes.

Enter GWENT – card-game spin-off from a mini-game of the same name found within The Witcher 3. There’s probably a really interesting article to be done on mini-games – I spent just as much time playing Final Fantasy 8’s card mini-game, as well as Final Fantasy 10’s Blitzball, as I spent playing their respective ‘main’ games.

Gwent Mobile

GWENT then has a lot going for it, although its interesting that despite releasing in October last year on PC (Console version landed in December), there’s not been a lot of conversation around it. How well it’s doing compared to its contemporaries on the market is anyone’s guess, although doing a cursory google search reveals causes for concern.

Still, it must be doing well enough for CDProjecktRED to want to follow through with their pans to bring the game to mobile. We thought we’d have heard about this sooner, but then if it isn’t doing that well, you can hardly blame them from being reluctant to look at new platforms.

At the moment, all we know that it’s coming to iOS this year, although they specifically only reference smartphones, which is a bit odd. Details regarding an Android version are to be announced “at a later date”.



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