The Next Harry Potter Wizard's Unite 'Brilliant' Event is now Live!

By Andrew Smith 17 Jul 2019 0

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is till fighting to establish its place since its release on mobile in June. The new game from Pokemon Go developers, Niantic, is allowing players to bring their favorite Harry Potter characters into the real world to help round up some of the series most beloved characters, known as Foundables.

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You may remember the first ‘Brilliant Event’ that went live a couple of weeks ago. These Harry Potter: Wizards Unite special events aware unique foundables, more XP and more importantly, Restricted Books for your Profession progressions.

A new event is live right now - Potter's Calamity - themed around the life of Harry Potter. We have put together a handy guide explaining the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Brilliant Event details. Let’s get started!

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Brilliant Event | Restricted Books, Rewards, and more

A new Wizards Unite Brilliant Event kicked off last night across the world. It is a time for players to find limited time Foundables connected to Harry Potter himself, and comes with two new registry pages in the 'Events' area (bottom row, far right tab), as well as new assignments/challenges.

potters calamity 1

Click on the calendar in the game; Once you’ve done that, on the bottom of your screen you will see a tab marked “Special.” Touching that show the specific challenges for the Brilliant Event, which come in four stages - once you've done all the challenges for one stage, the page then refreshes with a new set of challenges. 

This current event will run until July 23rd, so players will have around a week to try and catch the event-specific Foundables. The two new registry pages act like any other registry page, although we've noted that levelling up the Family rank rewards higher numbers of Scrolls than is typical. Another bonus of doing events is that it is currently the only way to get 'Restricted Section Books', which you will need for some of the more advanced lessons in your Profession skill-tree. Other Event rewards include Family XP, increased regular XP and 'Potter's Calamity' Runestones. It's worth noting that some of the Foundables requried for the event can only be found via 'Brilliant Portmanteaus' and using event-specific Runestones in Wizarding Challenges.

So far, doing the challenges has netted us Restricted Section Books, both for completing specific challenges but also as a 'bonus' for completing the first stage of challenges.

potters calamity 2

One thing of note: The term 'Brilliant Event' is merely a synonym for all of the special in-game events. While we don’t know all the specifics, there will be more Brilliant Events coming to the game over time. For example, another 'Potter's Calamity' event is already scheduled to start a week after the current one ends, so around July 30th.



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