Hearthstone Card 'Purify' Removed From Arena Mode

By Joe Robinson 09 Aug 2016 4

Hearthstone designer Ben Brode has announced Blizzard’s intention to ban a controversial card from the game’s ‘Arena’ mode.

Purify, one of three new cards for the Priest class in the upcoming One Night in Karazhan expansion, has been the target a lot of discussion, controversy and rage. Mainly rage. For those not 'in the know' (like me, because I haven’t played Hearthstone in a while) Purify is a 2-mana spell card that allows you to draw another card (effectively replacing it in your hand), but first you must silence one of your own minions.

We won’t go into too much detail regarding the problem with this card, as there’s been some great discourse on this already. Brode himself talks about the three key issues surrounding Purify in his recently released Developer Insight video:

Purify Card

Eurogamer pointed out that, while this isn’t the first time a card has been removed from Arena to maintain balance (something Brode mentions is an on-going concern for them), this is the first time a card has been cut prior to launch.

Our own Matt Thrower has some very different thoughts on the card, which we will endeavour to bring you in time for the weekend. While I can’t speak for Hearthstone in particular, my own experience with Fantasy Flight LCG’s such as A Game of Thrones: Second Edition and Warhammer 40,000: Conquest provides some parallels.

In AGOT in particular, the Night’s Watch is currently a weaker faction that keeps getting odd or not-that-competitive cards added to its card pool. FFG is no Blizzard, so communication on these issues is less than stellar.

Brode made a very insightful comment regarding the ‘why’ behind any given card’s inception and release, however, so make sure you watch the full video.

Ultimately though, if the Priest class is in as bad a state as people say, then no matter how ‘fun’ or ‘experimental’ Purify may be, perhaps this is neither the time nor the place. That goes for you too, Northern Rookery.



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