Hearthstone’s next expansion and release date ‘accidentally’ leaked by Blizzard

By Ian Boudreau 10 Jul 2018 0

It seems Hearthstone’s next major expansion is coming out next month, and it’s all about science – mad science. That’s at least according to a video that’s appeared on Blizzard’s official YouTube channel, which features a trailer for the expansion, a delightfully campy presentation from Hearthstone’s Dave Kosak, and a release date: August 7th.

Dot Esports and Wowhead spotted the unlisted (but publicly-viewable) video early this morning, and it sure looks like the official announcement for Hearthstone’s next expansion, which is called The Boomsday Project. It’s extremely Mystery Science Theater 3000, which fits the expansion’s theme: Goblin mad scientist Dr. Boom’s mechanical creations.

Kosak and company explain some of the new mechanics and cards coming with The Boomsday Project, most notably the Magnetic trait. Minions with this trait can be played normally, but can optionally be attached to Mech minions to add their abilities, attack, and health to the Mech.

That could make for some pretty entertaining card synergies when the expansion hits next month. Many thanks to our sister site PCGamesN for spotting this story.



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