Hearts of Iron Mobile: Case closed (for now)

By Owen Faraday 08 Oct 2012 0
Herocraft's still-forthcoming grand strategy game. Will it look like this in November? Herocraft's still-forthcoming grand strategy game. Will it look like this in November?

Hearts of Iron Mobile doesn't exist - at least for the moment. In a way, it never did. After a source tipped me that the mobile adaptation of the long-running WWII grand strategy series had been "cancelled", I spoke with Herocraft and Paradox on Friday and got more of the story. Unfortunately for us, the story of HoI mobile is the story of a miscommunication - but it's not a total loss.

From what I've been able to put together from the various sources I've spoken with, the screenshot and teaser trailer that I got my hands on back at the beginning of September represent a Herocraft-led mobile grand strategy game. Herocraft approached Paradox (with whom they have an ongoing working relationship) about branding the title as a Hearts of Iron game.

Though there's clearly a desire at Paradox to move into mobile, the Swedish publishers passed on branding the Herocraft title as an HoI game - possibly because they'd want to be involved from the ground up with any Hearts of Iron Mobile title. "Herocraft [have] a great, strong vision for their own project which we fully encouraged them to pursue," Paradox PR told me. Paradox told Luke Plunkett much the same thing.

How that live-action trailer came about I still don't know for certain - it's possible that Herocraft created it as part of their pitch to Paradox.

The thumbnail from the now-pulled Hearts of Iron Mobile teaser trailer. The now-pulled Hearts of Iron Mobile teaser trailer.

But HoI branding or no - we're going to see that Herocraft mobile grand strategy game. I'm told by a source that we can expect it in November. Grand strategy is a wide open niche on mobile - aside from a few light Risk-likes, there's nothing in the App Store or Android Market that approaches the scale of a Hearts of Iron or a PTO. Presumably, whatever's coming down the pipe from Herocraft is still intended for both iOS and Android, and possibly even the poor, forgotten Blackberry Playbook.
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