Heroes of Normandie Invades iOS July 28th

By Joe Robinson 15 Jul 2016 3

Matrix Games has just announced that they're bringing the hit 2014 WW2 boardgame Heroes of Normandie to iOS!

They released a PC adaptation of the game in October last year, and now developer Car Rabbit is preparing to invade the beaches of Apple's App Store on July 28th. From the announcement: 

Heroes of Normandie sports an exciting and fast paced gameplay coupled with captivating and bombastic aesthetics inspired by iconic World War II movies, the flavour and feeling of a boardgame with the easy and direct UI of an iOS product! Bring Heroes of Normandie to the beach and play all day.

(Legal notes: We hold no responsibility for neglected husbands, wives, partners or pets)

We've already got our leading general Sir Alex Connolly training his iPad, so expect our review to hit as or just slightly before the game releases on the app store. We'll also be talking to Car Rabbit directly to have a chat about the challenges and potential of boardgame adaptations to digital, so stay tuned!

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