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18 May 2016 6

Ah, Wednesday. Woden's Day. Hump day. Whatever you want to call it, it's always been kind of a pain in the ass around Mt. Hexmap. We love new games and all, but sorting the wheat from the chaff is usually more work than anyone down in the Writers' Dungeon is willing to tackle. Even bribing with an extra five minutes in the yard doesn't do the trick. That's most weeks. This week, however, the new games stand out more than my 5-year old when playing hide-and-seek (he wont. stop. talking.). Take a load off, writers, I'll handle this week myself.

The biggest and brightest of all the releases is Michael Brough's latest, Imbroglio. Like his previous gem, 868-HACK, Imbroglio is a roguelike with an incredibly simple ruleset. Each dungeon level is a 4x4 grid with the goal of escaping to the next level. Of course, there are critters everywhere and defeating them is where the fun comes in. What makes Imbroglio different is the deck-building. Before you enter the dungeon, you'll have to build your deck of cards consisting of weapons, spells, etc. and use what you draw to make your way downward.

Tanner's been playing Imbroglio for a few weeks now and I get the feeling that he likes it quite a bit. We should have his full review up first thing tomorrow morning. If you can't wait (and I wouldn't blame you), you can nab Imbroglio now for iOS Universal.

Our next title isn't the usual Pocket Tactics fare, but there's something about doing digital jigsaw puzzles on my iPad that makes me happy. A couple years ago, Ravensburger put out a very good puzzle app and today we get the mouthful that is Mandie Manzano Jigsaw Puzzle Art. Despite its lengthy moniker, it's really just a simple puzzle game albeit one in which you're putting together 40 different works of art from artist Mandie Manzano

I'm not sure why I find these so appealing, but there's something incredibly relaxing about the whole thing. Having all the pieces at your fingertips and never having to worry about your kids losing that last piece is probably a big chunk of it. This puzzle game will chop the pictures into anywhere from 12 to a daunting 2000 pieces. Good luck with that. The game is free to download with puzzles available via IAP.

This is another one that I know certain people who won't be named (but their name rhymes with Belsey Binella) will absolutely hate. That's because it has a layer of tower defense, otherwise known as the Jim Belushi of game mechanisms. Still, I don't reflexively hate TD games, and I actually enjoy some of them very much (I'm looking at you Defense Grid). This one is called Galaxy Dwellers and, despite the bland name, looks like it could be a bit of fun.

Galaxy Dwellers' gimmick is that it mixes real-tiime strategy with tower defense. It has 100 levels with over 100 upgrades spread across three different factions. It also lets you "CONQUER THE SPACE!", if that's something you've had on your bucket list for a while. Hey, if nothing else, it's a premium game with a $4 price tag and no IAP to found anywhere. Might be worth picking it up just to thank them for that.

Did we miss any? Does a bear do what bears do in the woods in the woods? Let us know in the comments what we missed this week!

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