Hidden-role party game, Who Lurks, now available for iOS/Android

11 May 2016 0

Everyone loves to play the bad guy now and then, which probably explains the popularity of all the hidden-role/traitor style board games on the market. From Shadows Over Camelot that let you play as a minion of Mordred undermining the work of the Knights of the Round Table, to Battlestar Galactica in which Cylons stay hidden amongst the remnants of humanity, always looking for a way to subtly launch one of them out the airlock, games in which one or more players are actively trying to screw over the other players are awesome. Yesterday, a digital hidden-role game joined the fray as Who Lurks made its way to both iOS and Android devices. 

Who Lurks is meant to be played by 3-6 players in the same room. Most of the players are humans, trying to repair and protect their starship, while one or more players are hidden aliens who are trying to blow it right the hell up. Actual gameplay consists of mini-games that each player needs to perform in order to solve a problem with the starship. The alien can, of course, try to sabotage each game and generally make it harder for the humans to get what they want.

Besides the pass-and-play multiplayer version, there's also a solo campaign, but I'm really not picturing how that works with a hidden-role game. Still, it's there. Also, the app is free to download with IAP. The IAP is as benign as removing ads and giving "permanent engine function" so there are no cooldown timers between games. Other IAP options allow you unlock six mini-games that start the game locked, and the ability to pick which mini-game youi'll get to play each round rather than being assigned a random one.



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