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By Owen Faraday 20 Jan 2014 0
Everybody's gotta eat, y'all. Everybody's gotta eat, y'all.

Road of Kings, the adventure board game-inspired game we first saw a couple of weeks ago, is now out on the App Store and Android market. The game is the product of Dancing Sorcerer Games, a foursome of refugees from the calamitous 38 Studios implosion. You play as an upwardly-mobile barbarian trying to amass enough wealth for people to actually take him seriously when he declares himself king.

I'm really impressed by the world-building in Road of Kings. There seems to be a lot of quest trailheads and random encounters, and you get a real sense of place out of the map. The aspect of the game that I'm not entirely sold on is the bland combat. It's the most basic sort of Punch and Judy I-whack-you-then-you-whack-me brawling. There's more variety on E! during a Kardashians marathon.

If the combat is a bit dull, it's also relatively brief, which gets you back out to the exploring faster -- Road of Kings' strong suit. It's a charming game and I get the impression that there's tons of content within. Watch the trailer after the jump and check back here for a full review sometime soon.

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