Hotline Miami publishers push Gods Will Be Watching over the top on crowdfunding pitch

By Owen Faraday 19 Jul 2013 0
At least get a 56k. Judge Dredd is pretty fed up with your 28.8 baud modem.

Here's an odd story for you: looking for cash to turn their Ludum Dare 72-hour game jam adventure into a fully-fledged release, Spanish developers Deconstructeam did what any self-respecting indie does in this post-publisher era of game development and turned to crowdfunding. After just three days, their Indiegogo pitch hit its €8,000 goal -- after getting a €2,000 donation from a publisher.

It would be a massive error to call big donors Devolver Digital a "traditional" publisher: these are the people who brought us unreliably-narrated murder spree Hotline Miami and over-the-top retro shooter Serious Sam, after all -- funding weird projects is in their blood.

It's pretty easy to see why Deconstructeam's adventure appealed to Devolver: Gods Will Be Watching is a bleak adventure game set in the middle of a hostage crisis that revels in its ethical ambiguity. The art direction mimics the elongated pixel style of Sword & Sworcery -- no bad thing.

There's a playable demo of Gods Will Be Watching on Deconstructeam's website -- it's well worth a spin. This is a game that's compelling and unnerving despite an utterly alien setting. Their Indigogo campaign is still running in the hopes of nailing down stretch goals. The game will be out early next year for iOS, Android, and desktop platforms.
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