How sneaky: Backstabbing simulation Subterfuge gets a major update

By Dave Neumann 18 Nov 2015 0
Yes, that says 67 hours ago. Did I forget to mention that Subterfuge takes a week to play? Yes, that says 67 hours ago. Did I forget to mention that Subterfuge takes a week to play?

Of all the games that have come out this year that I've yet to play, Subterfuge is the one I regret the most. This looks like it would be right up my alley: it's boardgame-y, it has cool little submarines, and you can do terrible things to complete strangers or, better yet, your best friends. I like all those things and, yet, I still haven't found the time to get Subterfuge on my phone. Yesterday, the guys behind Subterfuge released the first big update for the game, however, and I think I'm going to have to make time to get this one played.

The biggest addition in version 465 is theĀ friends list. Now, you can invite your friends to the slaughter directly from within the game. You can also play in an entirely different mode, Domination Mode. This allows you to completely ignore mining and awards victory to the player who controls the most outposts. To start a game in this mode, you must have purchased the Level 2 Security Clearance IAP for $10 but anyone, even those filthy L1 players, can join your game. That goes for the next addition as well, customizable maps. You can select a generator or factory heavy map, or just a completely random one when you set up the game. Lastly, on iOS they've added ad supported free play. Don't want to pay for that Level 2 security clearance? Watch an ad, and you're considered L2 for 2 hours. Well, not completely. You can't create games in Domination Mode or with a customized map, but you do gain the other benefit of being L2: unlimited scheduled orders.

Subterfuge is available for iOS Universal and Android and is free to download. I think I might head to the App Store and take care of that right now. After the break watch the first tutorial video and see how Subterfuge works.
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