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Humble does some great work in the sense that not only are they a useful platform to get games on the cheap, but they also help fund charities at the same time.

While it’s mainly all about PC and Steam, every now and then Android users get something relevant to their interests, usually in the form of a ‘Mobile Bundle’ but today’s bundle is a bit of a mixture.

Pocket Tactics is a Humble Affiliate.

Board Games Bundle (Link)

Asmodee are running a Board Games themed bundle, which still has about six days to go before it runs out. Now, it’s not all mobile games sadly – there are PC games mixed in. Considering how cheap everything is I’m sure you won’t mind too much.

At the $1 (minimum) tier, you get:

  • Abalone (Review) (PC & Android)
  • Harald: A Game of Influence (PC & Android)

And then PC-only versions of:

  • Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small
  • Cold Express 
  • Le Havre: the Inland Port

Pay at least $8, and you’ll get:

  • Splendor (Review) (PC & Android)
  • King and Assassins (Review) (PC & Android)
  • Small World 2 (PC & Android)

And then PC-only versions of:

  • Pandemic
  • Pathfinder Adventures
  • Fighting Fantasy Legends
  • Fighting Fantasy Legends Portal
  • Twilight Struggle

It’s a shame about Twilight Struggle – would have been a steal to get it on Android as well, but then it’s such a good quality port if you do do some PC gaming, we’d recommend picking it up all the same.

The total bundle worth is $139, and at the time of writing over 40,000 bundles had been sold.

By default, this bundle has Direct Relief as the chosen charity. They are based in Santa Barbara, California, and are an organisation that tries to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty. Their current efforts are aimed at helping victims of the California wildfires.



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