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By Dave Neumann 17 Dec 2015 0
It better have time travel, that's all I'm saying. It better have time travel, that's all I'm saying.

It's not a secret that we love inkle Studios here at Pocket Tactics. In fact, we spent the summer redesigning Mt. Hexmap so that its labyrinthine passageways conformed the twisting alleyways of Kharé, and Owen is petitioning to have his last name changed to Fogg. While we know their next major project is the conclusion to the Sorcery saga, we have wondered what would come next. Yesterday inkle spilled the beans on their next project, while still keeping much under wraps.

Like my 10 year-old son, who we simply call "hey, you", inkle's new project has yet to be named. In fact, nothing with the new project seems set in stone, and inkle is more than happy to change whatever they do throw in for something else, if anything better happens to come along. So, what do we know? They laid out the "pillars" of the project in a blog post:

  • It will be built with Unity ensuring that it will appear on several platforms from the beginning.

  • They're creating a new version of the ink writing engine, and this game will be the first to use it.

  • Dialogue! This game will be chocked full of it, which isn't a big surprise as that's how 80 Days went down as well.

  • Partnership! Much like 80 Days' pairing of Passepartout and Fogg, the new game will feature you pairing up with another character.

  • It's someplace new! This is the big one. A brand new world created by inkle specifically for this game. Where do I sign up?

It's not much to go on, sure, but just knowing that inkle has something big planned after Sorcery 4 makes the world a better place.
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