Tuesday Sales Interlude

By Joe Robinson 12 Mar 2019 0

Smell that my friends? That is the smell of sales. We love a good sale here at Pocket Tactics, so much so that sometimes we’ll even post about them separate from their usual slot on Friday’s Weekender Update. A handful of interesting deals have cropped recently, so we thought we’d take a break from our usual schedule to make you aware of the latest discounts.

This War of Mine (iOS & Android): $2.99

11 Bit Studio’s excellent survival/adventure game set in a war-torn modern state is definitely one of those seminal works that must be experienced before you die. You play as a group of civilians trying to survive in a city turned into a warzone, and is based on real-life experiences from the Balkan conflict in the 90’s.

At $2.99 (down from $14.99), it’s a steal. This isn’t the cheapest price its ever been, but it’s the first time the game’s been on sale since last May, so who knows when it may drop in price again. If you haven’t picked it up yet, we suggest you do so now.

Ticket to Ride (iOS & Android) (Review): $2.99

One of our favourite digital boardgames is going cheap again. Ticket to Ride pits 2 – 5 players against each other as they collect cards and connect cities to their train network in an attempt to meet hidden objectives and score the most victory points. It’s an excellent game to play solo, hot-seat on a single device or over the internet, and it’s currently half price.

Colt Express  (iOS & Android) (Review): $1.99

Another Asmodee Digital title, Colt Express wasn’t in the best of states when it launched (hence our review), but Asmodee made some much needed fixes to multiplayer in the months following launch. It’s still not perfect, but at half price it might be worth a try if you’ve been looking for another digital board game to fill your boots.

To finish off the list, we also spotted that word puzzle app WindWord was being given away for free. We haven’t looked at it ourselves, but one our readers recommended it on our best word puzzle list. Given the circumstances, I think you can certainly afford to check it out!

Let us know if you spot any other good deals, otherwise we'll check in again during Friday's update!



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