iPanzer steals a march on Panzer Corps (Update: Weirdness)

By Owen Faraday 14 Nov 2012 0
Let's blitz. This isn't even close to retina graphics - but who cares?

We've been waiting so very, very patiently for Slitherine/Matrix to get Panzer Corps for iPad out to us, haven't we? Playing other games, nodding and smiling about Smitherine's other releases, not throwing notes wrapped round bricks through the Smitherine offices' front window. Yes, we've been very good, I think. Pats on the back all around.

And yet since September, there's been two operational-level World War II iPad strategy game sitting in the App Store: iPanzer1942 and its cousin iPanzer1945. It sounds like a terrifying collaboration between Jony Ive and Ferdinand Porsche, but no - it's a game, not a brushed aluminium tank.

Panzer Corps is unashamedly a clone of the Panzer General PC games- albeit one that updates PG's antiquated interface and presentation to contemporary standards. Panzer Corps on iPad is going to be one of those games that will draw in fans from outside the strategy genre and open up the tent a little bit. iPanzer, on the other hand, manages to be an even more shameless PG clone. At a glance, you'd be forgiven for thinking that iPanzer was Panzer General running on an emulator - the grainy, pixelated graphics make you feel like you're holding a CRT in your hands. For some that will cause the nostalgia lobe of their brain to seize right up, but I have a feeling it will turn off many.

I've not spent too much time with the game yet - so this isn't a review - but judging from my invasion of France and the Low Countries the other day, the gameplay is quite satisfying. Don't expect Letterpress-style UI feedback or online multiplayer or anything like that - but it's worth a go. Try the free iPanzerLite edition if you have time and I'll get cracking on a review over here.

UPDATE: The observant bsones suggests in the comments that iPanzer's resemblance to Panzer General is more than mere coincidence. But let's not release the hounds just yet - I'll contact the devs and get their side of the story.



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