Is Falling Stars: War of Empires coming to iOS? [UPDATED]

27 Apr 2016 1

We know Lock 'n Load Publishing from their rather huge library of tabletop wargames. Last month we mentioned that their light armor combat game Tank on Tank would be making its way to iPad (we'll have more on that development next week), but it seems that might not be the end of their mobile ambitions. This morning I received a press release for a new 4X game from LnL called Falling Stars: War of Empires. I looked into it and the failed Kickstarter for the game only mentions PC/Mac/Linux, as does LnL's website. The press release, however, clearly shows iOS as one of the game's platforms.

4X is one of my favorite genres, and Falling Stars hits all those buttons and a few more. LnL claims that it has incorporated "Euro game" mechanisms to ensure that each game is short enough to finish in one sitting. The game is turn-based (duh) but sounds closer to something like Eclipse than Civilization. You have a choice of 10 Strategic actions and you can only use each one once per turn. Also, these actions "level up" as you play, giving you more choices as the game proceeds. There are also Tactical Actions that control your fleets--over 40 of them--but they're doled out each turn randomly to each player. Thus, you won't know what actions your opponents have, and you'll have to change your style based on what actions you draw each turn.

Each game will have an economic bent to it, where prices of commodities will rise and fall based on what players are hoarding or selling. This all bleeds into Trade agreements and the sanctions that go along with provoking someone's trading partners. Of course, there's also diplomatic issues to worry about with over 30 political agendas to wade through as well as two different technology trees which allows you to find combos between technologies in each branch.

Falling Stars will have a single player vs. AI play as well as online multiplayer with a matchmaking system or private games vs. your friends.

Basically, it sounds like a game I should be playing right now. Except I'm not. Everything I can find (even the game's Steam page) says it should have launched yesterday, but it's still unavailable everywhere. That leads us to the most interesting part: is it actually coming to iOS? I've put in a message to the folks at LnL to try and sort this out, but as of this writing I haven't heard back. I'll definitely let you know when I do, and hopefully this is one we'll be seeing on our iPads very soon.

UPDATE: We've heard from LnL's head honcho David Heath and Falling Stars is indeed making its way to iOS in the next few months. Happy Day!



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