It's our Wednesday Release Post on a Thursday, or What to do until Pathfinder comes out next week

21 Apr 2016 1

This week wasn't a terrible one for releases, but it has the unfair distinction of preceding a week in which one of the most anticipated games of the last few years is hitting the App Store, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. Don't worry, we'll be covering Pathfinder like crazy next week, and will hopefully have Kelsey's take ready for you when it launches. For now, let's talk about the present and what you can play until next Tuesday.

The biggest release of the week happened on Tuesday, Fallen London. It's not really fair to call it a text-based adventure game. It's more of a text-based world. You can create a character and pretty much do whatever you like as you meander your way through over 1.5 million words of text. Like I mentioned on Tuesday, it's a bit overwhelming for newcomers. I've been playing around with it a bit for the last couple days and am still not quite sure what's going on. That said, longtime Fallen Londoners tell me that it's one of the best things ever and I need to give it time. It's engaging enough right now that I'm willing to see where it all leads. 

Fallen London is available for iOS Universal and is free to download. There is IAP, but I'm still not sure how pervasive it is. I haven't found the need for it yet. We should have Tof's review next week where, hopefully, they'll fill us in on all the details.

The next title is a puzzle game called Fold+. It's a sequel to a an older puzzle game which, surprisingly, is simply called Fold, but this has more puzzles, a different concept and is probably worth checking out even if you've played the first one to death. Basically, you want to manipulate the blocks together until only one color block remains. Or something. It has one of those trailers that shows a lot of gameplay, but gives no context so I'm not entirely sure how the game plays. Still, it looks pretty cool and who doesn't love a good puzzle app?

Tormentum-Dark Sorrow is the third game on our list and it's a point-and-click adventure that appears to be set inside the atmosphere processing station of LV-426. That's not surprising considering the game's artwork was inspired by the works of H.R. Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński. In the game you're an Amnesiac Hero who finds yourself trapped between a fantasy realm and a nightmare. From there it's standard point-and-click adventure as you search for clues to your identity and where the hell you are, solving puzzles, etc. The game covers three different realms and has over 75 hand drawn paintings for you to peruse.

Tormentum has been out on Steam for over a year now, and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Now it's available for both iOS Universal and Android and will run you $5. They also have a pretty boss voiceover in the trailer. 

Did we miss anything? Probably. Let us know if there's something fantastic that we didn't get to, otherwise this space for coverage of Pathfinder's release next Tuesday.

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