It's showtime: Codename Cygnus is out right now

By Owen Faraday 31 Aug 2013 0
Great personality. Given the audio-only nature, this game doesn't really screenshot well.

Codename Cygnus, the interactive radio drama for iOS that was successfully Kickstarted just a few weeks ago, is already out: the free download lets you play a short prologue, after which individual episodes can be purchased within the app for $2 (or all five episodes for $8).

I've been playing a preview build of Cygnus and it's well worth your time. It's an audiobook choose-your-own-adventure, casting you as a secret agent. If you've got your iPhone earbuds in (the ones with the built-in mic), you can play the game entirely hands-free, as the decision points respond to voice commands as well as touch inputs. Or you can just shout at your phone like a lunatic, your call. Some of the game's voices include Rob Wiethoff (John Marston from Red Dead Redemption) and Logan Cunningham, the narrator from Bastion.

Try the prologue -- I highly recommend it. I felt like I was in the opening scene of Temple of Doom. Some of you will balk at the mandatory Facebook log-in (Cygnus doesn't post anything to your profile) but if you're willing to roll with that then you're in for a truly unique iOS game experience.

There's an interactive (!) trailer for Codename Cygnus after the jump.

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