Mobile Java: Humble Mobile Bundle 19 Will Wake Your Smartphone from Sleep Mode

By Tof Eklund 26 Jul 2016 0

Good morning, Android users. Humble Bundle's got a wake-me-up for you that'll open your eyes wider than a double shot of espresso. Over the years, Humble's done a lot to stir Android games out of what had been near-torpor. I mean, heck, the first few Humble Mobile Bundle titles were full of Android debuts, games that only made the leap from PC or iOS because of the visibility and immediate return of a Humble Bundle. Unfortunately, most of those games were not in the Pocket Tactics wheelhouse.

Sure, there were exceptions: ports of great boardgames like Carcassonne, Settlers of Catan, and Small World as well as some top strategy titles like Rebuild, Skulls of the Shogun, and Auro: A Monster Bumping Adventure. But it was a trickle, a game or maybe two alongside titles that, while often great, were either too twitchy or too casual for my taste.

That all changed this year, starting with a strategy-themed Mobile Bundle, and continuing with a string of extremely easy to recommend collections. The latest Humble Mobile Bundle continues in this vein, starting with one of our all-time favorite games, Hitman Go. For appropriately ¼ the price of a latte (or 1/37 the price of a Lego latte) you get Hitman Go, classic ARPG Ys Chronicles II, and some auto-running game that I've already forgotten the title of.

Better yet, for what you'd spend on a quad grande peppermint mocha, you can also get jaw-droppingly gorgeous strategy game The Banner Saga, screwball boxing sim Punch Club (fair warning: Alex found it lacking), and Dropsy (still in early access on Google Play), an adventure game that dares to ask the question “what happens when a cognitively-impaired scary clown wanders a broken-hearted world, trying to help complete strangers?”

There's some other stuff in there too, including mystery titles that are still TBA. You could wait to find out, but if you throw down now, it's like getting a randomly-selected pastry free with your coffee, and we all know that never happens at Starbucks.



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