Keep your powder dry: Musket Smoke released worldwide for iPad

By Owen Faraday 02 Dec 2013 0
A man does not have himself killed for a petty distinction. A man does not have himself killed for a petty distinction.

Musket Smoke, the iPad hex wargame we first saw back in November, is now out worldwide after a couple of weeks' soft launch in Japan.

I rather like Woodie Dovich's lightly Napoleonic-themed game. It's an abstract strategy game at heart, but it's got just enough "sim" in it to make it really memorable: the way cannonballs travel in a straight line doing damage to everyone in their path (friend and foe alike), the one-time-only musket volleys that you must carefully consider before deploying. Wargamers should just dive right into this one, and non-wargamers should give it a shot because it's very accessible and quick to play.

Musket Smoke is free to download, which gets you the tutorial all of the skirmish games you like against the AI. If you want to give Dovich a couple of dollars (a gesture I endorse wholeheartedly) there's an IAP to unlock the online campaign, which is a series of engagements played online against another real human.

The most recent trailer awaits you below.

UPDATE: Developer Woodie Dovich writes in to tell me that you also get player vs player "mini-matches" included with the game for free. You can only have five of those going at any given time, but buying the campaign lifts that restriction.

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