Kickstarter for Season 2 of Sentinels of the Multiverse is underway

20 Apr 2016 1

Last week's release of the latest expansion for Sentinels of the Multiverse, Wrath of the Cosmos, came with a little extra baggage, namely that Handelabra would be using Kickstarter to fund the next season of DLC for the cooperative super-hero slugfest. I was a bit too busy trying to take down Infinitor with my ragtag group of supers that I failed to notice that the Kickstarter went live on Monday

Handelabra is asking for $80K and they're already more than half way there in just two days. Impressive considering that the rewards only include keys for the Steam version, as there's no way to currently "gift" IAP for iOS or Android. That's not to say that there's no reason for us mobile users to check out the Kickstarter. They've included two backer levels for mobile users that, while not getting any tangible rewards, will discount the price of the season pass when it goes live. If they get enough backers at those levels, that is.

What does Season 2 bring? Three new "big-box" expansions, two new modes of play, and more mini-expansions. One new mode will introduce team-based play, meaning that you'll have multiple villains against multiple heroes. The other new mode revolves around the OblivAeon expansion and is called the OblivAeon Event.

Why Kickstarter? After all, the original game and Season 1 weren't funded via crowdfunding. John Arnold of Handelabra responded to that question over at BGG:

There is a Kickstarter for Season 2 because it is a very big project and we need to make sure there is demand, and we have the financial resources, before committing to build it.

It would not have made sense to have a Kickstarter for the video game or Season 1, because we were an unknown to players at that point. It was on us to take on the risk. But now, we've proven ourselves and have a track record of making a great digital version of Sentinels.

Head on over to Kickstarter and check out their campaign. They have a ton of stretch goals just waiting to unlock, unfortunately we can't see what they are until that threshold is reached. They're also promising a Fall 2016 turn-around for the first expansion, Vengeance, so you won't be waiting years for it to come to fruition like other Kickstarters I've backed




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