King of Dragon Pass scene contest: Time to vote for the winner

By Owen Faraday 13 Sep 2013 0
I'm the trickster. The clan must choose.

We asked you all to come up with some new scenes for A Sharp's one-of-a-kind fantasy tribe-building game King of Dragon Pass a couple of weeks ago, and you responded with fervor. Given how much work was being asked for (script out an entire scene with responses and a brief for the watercolor art), I reckoned we'd get a handful of submissions -- we got dozens. Obviously, I did a good job allocating the clan magic this season.

KoDP creator David Dunham has narrowed down the options to five, which I present to you for your approval. Read them all, vote for your favourite, and I'll announce the winner next week. Voting closes Wednesday the 18th at 9am Eastern.

Here's what David Dunham has to say:
"Thanks to everyone who sent in scenes. All were good, and 3/4 were good enough to be worth a second look. It was tough picking out just a few. Our criteria included pure amusement value, ease of implementation, Gloranthan fit, how different they were from existing scenes, how dramatic the action was, and how likely the scene was to occur (one amusing scene depended on having a Trickster on the ring when an existing scene occurred).

So here, in no particular order, are four candidates. These are the raw ideas with only minimal editing — we'll no doubt rework the winner, just like we do all scenes. I've left out the results so as not to spoil the surprise, and excluded any advice provided.

Although only one scene gets the honor of winning, we may well put more than one in the game. (And are likely to be inspired by some that didn't make the cut for voting.)

Thanks again to everyone who sent in a scene!"

On to the scenes.


Two children have a spot of free time, and are playing pretend, namely one is Orlanth and the other is Aroka (the dragon). Somehow, their play has gone beyond pretend, and the magic is gathering, as if they were undergoing a heroquest, one rather they are unprepared for.

The people on hand must quickly react, since a heroquest, however poorly planned, can cause great problems if it fails. Also be aware this event isn’t meant to take one into the main Orland and Aroka heroquest by any means.


Two children are playing in their free time.  One holds a wooden sword, while another has their arms upraised, pretending to be a dragon.  Somewhat translucent, two figures are above the children:  Orlanth above the sword-wielder, while a draconic figure above the other.  There could a haze in the air, a haze of magic.

1.  Let the event play out, removing other people from the vicinity.
2.  Have someone try to abort the heroquest.
3.  Have someone else try to replace one of the boys (especially the Orlanth role).
4.  Beg the higher powers to intercede.


A month ago Oswi, a sour pig-herder, died of old age in his sleep. His family mourned and buried him. But death has not inconvenienced Oswi. Each night he climbs from his grave, returns home, sits at his son's table and demands a meal. He stays until dawn, eating their food and drinking their mead.

His family are distraught. 'He is eating us bare! We won't have enough to last through the winter, and the sight of a rotting corpse eating porridge puts us off our own dinner. Our children grow thin! They cannot sleep for nightmares!'


Two options, depending how icky the art can be:
1. A dessicated corpse clad in a mouldy grave-shroud sits at a table,
shovelling porridge into its jaws. Where the skin has rotted from the
ribcage, bits of the food can be seen falling down within its chest cavity.
2. A family gathered for dinner in the foreground stare in horror toward
the open door. A ragged, hunched silhouette stands in the doorway, the moon
over one shoulder.

1. Prepare a feast to sate Oswi's hunger
2. Sacrifice to Humakt to destroy him
3. Sacrifice to your ancestors for protection
4. Tell your trickster to get rid of him
5. Tell the family to tolerate him until he passes on


A member of the Ring (Member 1 for easier reference) returns from either a raid, an exploration party, a trade caravan, or a negotiation (it could work for all of the above). Upon his return, he/she discovers that while he/she was away, another member of the clan (Member 2 for easier reference), who worships a different God than Member 1, has been conspiring to take his/her place in the Ring and has the support of many in the clan (after all, Member 2 had plenty of time to prepare the ground). Member 2 demands that Member 1 abdicates and demands that you exile him/her.


The art could be relatively simple: an angry member of the clan standing in front of a crowd, facing the player with his back to the crowd. The crowd appears relatively rowdy.

1. Persuade Member 2 to withdraw the challenge
2. Persuade Member 1 to abdicate in order to not risk souring the mood of all the clan members supporting Member 2. You promise to give him X number of cows in return for his abdication
3. Promise to force Member 1 off the Ring but not to exile him
4. Arrange for Member 2 to be killed in an "accident."

TAG-ALONG by John Doe

A small number of children return, carrying the spoils of their work, collecting berries.  They are in a rather good mood as they have a new playmate:  that of a small wolf cub.  However, the cub behaves more like a puppy than a wolf cub.  One thing is for sure, it isn’t afraid of people.
Nearby several adults are either angry, or shocked.  Orlanthi don’t keep dogs, after all (viewing it as an affront to Orlanth and Yinkin).


A small group of children, carrying baskets which were being used to pick berries come onto the tula.  A young wolf cub is among them, maybe chewing on the dress of a young girl.  The children are enthused by their playmate, but the adults seeing it are either outraged, or aghast.

1.  Examine the cub.
2.  Kill the cub.
3.  Take the cub back to the woods.
4.  Raise the cub, despite the objections of other clan members.
5.  Sacrifice the cub to a deity.
6.  Investigate where the children found the cub.

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