Last night's release of note: Lost Cities

By Owen Faraday 23 Aug 2012 0
It belongs in a museum. It belongs in a museum.

I was a bit busy with Real Life Stuff yesterday, hence theĀ appearanceĀ of the Wednesday night iOS releases post on this cloudy Thursday morning. Of the weeks I could have picked to be busy, I've done pretty well in choosing this one, as this week's new apps aren't all that much to get worked up about - with the exception of Lost Cities.

I've had my press copy of Lost Cities for a week or so and at the risk of mooting my forthcoming review, I'll say this - it's every bit as slick as the Coding Monkeys' last outing, Carcassonne. Lost Cities is aesthetically beautiful and the interface is nothing short of elegant. The voice-acted, dynamic tutorial is a benchmark for all future games.. see, there I go. I'll save all that bluster for the review.

My effusive blubbering aside, there's a caveat: Lost Cities is iPhone-only. If you do most of your gaming on an iPhone or an iPad 3, then don't hesitate to pick it up. The iPad 3 upscales the retina assets for the iPhone 4 and the result is an experience that might as well be a Universal app.

If you have an OG iPad or an iPad 2, you might want to consider waiting. Coding Monkeys have made some noises that would indicate their intent to redesign the UI and release a separate iPad app instead of a Universal update. Lost Cities has a carefully laid-out Swiss clock of an interface - I can see why Coding Monkeys might be precious about just blowing it up 2X and slapping a Universal symbol on it.

Lost Cities for iPhone is available on the App Store for $3.99. Check back for the full review in a day or so.



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