Levée en Masse evolves the revolution

By Owen Faraday 19 Sep 2012 0
Now Android users can enjoy a whiff of grapeshot. Now Android users can enjoy a whiff of grapeshot.

Victory Point Games have ported their iOS French Revolution game Levée en Masse to Android. I haven't written as much as I ought to have about this title - it's excellent.

Levée en Masse HD for iPad had some teething problems at launch with some bugs and inconsistently-applied rules, but that's been smoothed over with post-release updates and I expect that the Android edition will be very solid out of the gate as a result. If there's any remaining scoring bugs in the current version of the game, they've eluded my (admittedly feeble) mathematics skills. Since launch, Victory Point have also released a Universal edition for iPhone owners for $3.

As far as digital solitaire board games go, Levée en Masse is one of the best things I've played this year - it'll effortlessly eat an afternoon and give you a brushing up on your French Revolutionary history. Android board gamers should dive right in.

(Hat-tip to Mark at BGG.)



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