Lords of Midnight arrives early

By Owen Faraday 19 Dec 2012 0
Doomdark, even. Some of these guys could have gotten gigs with The Spiders from Mars with names like these.

Originally meant to coincide with the winter solstice on Friday, adventure wargame remake Lords of Midnight has arrived on the App Store today instead. Chris Wild's iOS port of the classic ZX Spectrum game is a universal app and optimized for the iPhone 5.

Despite the perfectly adapted touch controls and crisp graphic presentation, this is a proper 1980s they-don't-make-'em-like-they-used-to game - there's even a short story that your are encouraged to read before you start playing the game, so as to properly acclimate yourself to the fantasy setting. You can get the PDF for the story on the Lords of Midnight website.

We first discussed Lords of Midnight a few weeks ago when we learned of the port's imminent arrival. The Android version is still in the works.
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