Lunar New Year 2019 Mobile Sales

By Joe Robinson 05 Feb 2019 5

Plenty of cultures are celebrating the Lunar New Year at the moment, and since we’re having a break between content drops why not mark the occasion ourselves with some excellent mobile sales! Happy New Year! (Again!)

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance (Review): $2.99

Ironhide’s latest addition to their iconic Tower-Defence RTS series is on sale for the second time since it launched late last year. It’s dropped to the same price as last time, and the discount is on both iTunes and Google Play.

Acram Digital

The digital boardgames publisher is having a sale across their entire catalogue at the moment… the fact that catalogue is only three games is made up by the fact that they’re three pretty excellent games. This sale is live on both iTunes and Google Play

  • Eight Minute Empire (Review): $2.99 **
  • Steam: Rails to Riches (Review): $2.99 **
  • Istanbul Digital Edition (Review): $4.99

** = These games have been cheaper in the past.


Similar to Acram, Handelabra is also having a style on their key games on both iOS and Android.

  • Bottom of the 9th (Review): $0.99 (cheapest price yet!)
  • Sentinels of the Multiverse (Review): $0.99
  • One Deck Dungeon (Review): $6.99

Let us know if you spot any other sales that crop up!



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