Manhattan Project updated to Version 3 (in January) (we suck)

20 May 2016 3

Well before Kelsey even knew what Cadwallon was, he was involved in reviewing another board game of a dubious nature. That was The Manhattan Project, a pretty great board game whose app was less than stellar. It wasn't the developer's fault as the app was made with the hopes that a Kickstarter campaign would propel it to a polished state. When the Kickstarter failed the well went dry and the app was released as-is. It did a good job of showcasing the game, but the AI was poor and the UI wasn't much better. Since its release in 2014, the one-man dev has kept plugging away at it and in January released a major update pushing the game to Version 3.

Version 3 adds quite a bit to the game:

* added: save/load support (for offline games). Game auto-saves on exit
* added: new sound effects
* added: improved UI art
* added: quit-confirm window
* fixed: AI could win by loading a bomb without bombers
* fixed: bad formatting and inconsistent verb use in log
* fixed: repair window showed wrong repairs remaining
* fixed: AI testing a bomb twice
* tweak: log line for bomb actions shows points earned and needed to win

From what I've been hearing, the updates that have been made since the game's release have turned a dud into a respectable digital version of one of the better worker placement games out there. If you bought Manhattan Project way back when and gave up on it, now might be a good time to redownload and check it out. If you never picked it up, it's available for iOS Universal and runs $7.



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