Matrix Games/Slitherine iOS Holiday Sale [Part II]

By Joe Robinson 06 Dec 2016 2

You'll remember last week we posted about Part 1 of Slitherine & Matrix Game's iOS sale.

They've now released details of the second wave of discounted games, which against all expectations has been called 'Part 2'. NOTE: The games from the first wave are no longer on sale, so unless these discounts come around again you've missed the boat.

Here is a run-down of the games discounted in the second wave:

Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager -50% OFF - No Review, although you can read this preview from 2014 if you're interested in Owen's early impressions. Fun Fact: This game was initially rejected from the App Store because, surprisingly, it featured Buzz Aldrin.

Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon - Da Orks - 67% OFF - 3-Stars - This is a stand-alone game, and doesn't need the original Armageddon to work.

Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon - 50% OFF - No Review. Again, you can read this preview from 2014 by Owen, although we recommend instead perhaps reading Matt's review of the stand-alone/sequel above as both are very similar. They just feature different armies.

HISTORY Egypt HD - 80% OFF - No Review. This is only available for iPad devices.

HISTORY Egypt Engineering an Empire - 50% OFF - No Review. This is the original iOS version (2010, doncha know).

Great Battles Medieval - 50% OFF - No Review, although Owen wrote a preview in 2012. Also available on Android.

Slitherine's Legion - 70% OFF - 4-Stars - Also Available on Android.

There are still some games from Slitherine's iOS catalogue that haven't seen a discount yet, so finger's crossed there will be a third wave of discounts next week.

This article covers games published and/or developed by members of the Slitherine Group. For more information, please see the About Us page.



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