By Joe Robinson 14 Dec 2016 1

We're a little late with this one, but Slitherine have kicked off the third part of their holiday iOS sale. Like before, games from the previous batches are no longer available at a discount. Here's a breakdown of the discounted titles:

Battle Academy 2: Eastern Front – 75% OFF – 4-Stars

Battle Academy – 75% OFF – 5-Stars

Pike & Shot – 50% OFF – 5-Stars

Magnifico – 75% OFF – 4-Stars (This was also known as Da Vinci's Art of War)

Heroes of Normandie – 34% OFF – 5-Stars

Commander: The Great War – 75% OFF – No Review, although you can read this strategy guide written by Owen. It was also given the seal of approval, if that helps.

Frontline: Road to Moscow – 67% OFF - No Review.

Frontline: The Longest Day – 67% OFF – 3-Stars

It seems Slitherine has saved the best till last in their holiday discount campaign – some cracking titles there for you to pick up at a reduced price.

While we're here, it's also worth noting that Atypical Games has launched a holiday sale of their own with the majority of their catalogue currently available at discounted prices. The full list (courtesy of Touch Arcade) is as follows:

We've only actually reviewed Sky Gambler's Cold War, which you can read here, but the general consensus is that these are also some great titles.

That's it for today's sales update - hope you find something you like as we continue the countdown for Christmas. We'll continue to update you as and when new deals appear, and we'll also be bringing you something special from Nick on Boxing Day. If you pick up any of the Atypical titles, let us know your thoughts below!

This article covers games that are developed and/or published by members of the Slitherine Group. Please see the About Us page for more information.



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