Matrix Games/Slitherine iOS Holiday Sale

By Joe Robinson 30 Nov 2016 4

Hey, remember Slitherine/Matrix Games? Sure you do.

To celebrate the holiday season, they've recently announced a sale on a lot of their mobile titles. It's not like we've just had a massive discount event, right?

For those not familiar with the company, they make more 'serious' wargame-type games for the most part and they've tended to stick to the iOS platform exclusively. They're not making as many as titles as they used to for mobile, but you'll continue to see high-profile ports where appropriate. They're also currently re-releasing a lot of the classic Shenandoah titles at the moment too.

The initial wave, which they've called 'Part 1', has the following games and discounts:

Drive on Moscow (Vol 2) – 30% OFF - 5-Stars - This is a re-release of the game originally reviewed by Dave. There aren't many significant changes however, as Tof noted, so the original verdict still holds. If you own Vol 1 you still have access to it, but it's not available to buy any longer and you will need to purchase Vol 2 separately if you want that.

Battle of the Bulge30% OFF5-Stars - This was also re-released and the new version had some issues that we believe have been resolved, but can't be 100% sure. Take the original review with a pinch of salt as that version doesn't exist anymore.

Qvadriga60% OFF - 4-Stars

Vietnam '6550% OFF - 4-Stars

Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy54% OFF - 4-Stars

Legions of Steel50% OFF – No Review

Hell50% OFF – No Review

Panzer Corps75% OFF - 5-Stars - This game has a lot of different campaigns available via IAPs. If you want to get a sense for what they're like, visit our sister site The Wargamer, where we've covered the PC versions of the expansions in-depth.

Conquest: Medieval Realms67% OFF – No Review

Not sure when Part 2 will be dropping, but we'll update this article with the new games as and when we get more information. Remember all of these games are also available on PC, either via Steam or directly from Slitherine/Matrix Games.

This article covers games published and/or developed by members of the Slitherine Group. For more information, please see the About Us page.



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