All men must free: Last chance to nab GoT parody Twitchy Thrones for nada

By Sean Clancy 04 Nov 2014 0
All men must also pun. All men must also pun.

After several years of widespread acclaim for George R.R. Martin's gritty, twisty fantasy world Westeros--really for the HBO series based on that writing, to be honest--we're not quite yet at the point of max Game of Thrones saturation. But maybe we're close--in fact, you might even say that the cultural winter for the series is, in fact, coming. (Jeez that's played out...)

Or maybe I'm a miserable cynic unfit for the lowest House of the realm. Point is, Twitchy Thrones is a land-grab strategy game which ever so lovingly takes the piss out of everyone's favorite serialized snuff film. Today's also the last day you can grab it for free.

Despite roots as a Ludum Dare entry that, fittingly, focused on character's with incredibly short life spans and incredibly active libidos (with a sort of dynasty system, now cut from the game), Twitchy Thrones as it stands is more about big battles than anything else. Main developer Ricardo Moura contacted us via email with some details, writing that the main gameplay thrust is a trade-off between defending key choke-points and presumably costlier attacks to grab more plots of land. More plots equals more troops, but also a wider expanse to defend.

As for the game's humor, well... comedic tastes will vary. For my money, the fake Westeros map on the game's site with "Up Lands," "Middle Lands," and "Land of Sand" at least shows the developers understand good parodies are born from genuine love for and understanding of a genre, and not--hopefully--just because Game of Thrones is SEO gold. *sets focus keyword to "Game of Thrones"*

Twitchy Thrones is free until November 5th, and then jumps to $1.99. Trailer after the jump.

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