Meteorfall: Journey to get new content this December

By Joe Robinson 27 Nov 2018 1

Meteorfall: Journey quickly became one of our favourite card games after it was released in February this year. Since then it’s had countless patches and two major content updates, the most recent of which was in September.

All of this has been for free, and developer Slothwerk is getting ready to add yet more content in a new update coming this December.

Titled ‘The Queen of Shadow’, this new patch is modest but adds some interesting twists to keep the game fresh. Firstly, it adds a new skin ‘Rose, Queen of Shadow’. Not just cosmetic, this new visage also comes with a changed start deck, with 10 new cards added to Rose’s loot table:

  • Corruption
  • Bewitch
  • Acolyte's Hood
  • Enfeeble
  • Helm of the Bat King
  • Devil's Bargain
  • Soul Chalice
  • Feedback
  • Amulet of Cosmic Horrors
  • Dark Presence

The update also comes with tweaks – a big-fix for Mining Pick and an few UI revisions. The full patch-notes (for all the patches to the game to date, as it happens) can be read here, such as they are.

Are you still enjoying Meteorfall? Will this update make you go back? Let us know!



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