Get demonic with Meteorfall: Journey's latest free update

By Joe Robinson 26 Sep 2018 0

Not only did Meteorfall: Journey win our hearts and minds when it released back in February, it also earned itself a place in our compendium to the best card games around. But you don’t reach such acclaim by being complacent – developer Slothworks have been hard a work making the game is updated with free patches and content update.

The most recent Demon update (Full Patch Notes) adds a new difficulty level which unlocks a set of progressively more difficult challenges. It also adds new demonic enemies, new quests and 18 new cards in total. This update has been in testing all through-out September, so there’s been a (demonic) horde of balance changes and bug fixes as well.

This marks the second major free content expansion for the game, with the first update being the Necrodude update back in May.



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