Minecraft Earth Beta is now on Android, along with In-Game Currency

By Joe Robinson 02 Sep 2019 0

Android users, our time has come - we received word over the weekend that the Minecraft Earth Beta has now rolled out to Android users... but only for the same initial cities that iOS users got. To recap, that means residents of London, Seattle, Tokyo, Stockholm and Mexico City who are on Android have been the first to get invited onto the latest Beta wave.

MC Earth Sample

Android users also get early access to a new feature - the in-game currency:

We are adding a new feature as well: rubies. Rubies are a form of in-game currency that everyone can earn by playing the game that allows you to buy buildplates during the closed beta. Android users will be able to purchase rubies during the closed beta, but don’t worry iOS users – we have plans to roll this feature out to you very soon! Rubies, whether you buy or earn them, are linked to your Xbox Live account and will stay with you through Early Access and beyond!

Do remember that you have to login to Minecraft Earth at least once every seven days to keep your Beta space, no matter which platform your're on. Further info can be found in previous updates to this story below.

Update (August 22nd): Android users, rejoice! Now is our time to shine! Mojang and Microsoft have today announced that they will now be rolling out the Beta for Minecraft Earth to our beloved platform. You need to be using a device that supports Android 7 or later. What we don't know at the moment is when exactly the beta will roll out, but more importantly who will be invited to participate.

As you'll be aware from the original story below, iOS users in London, Seattle, Tokyo, Stockholm and Mexico City were the first to get involved in the Beta, although its unclear if more cities have been added since. Mojang haven't mentioned if the Android beta is also going to be restricted to specific locations - I guess we'll find out next week! Minecraft Earth now has a Google Play store entry you can use to re-register, and you can sign up for the beta here.

Update (July 23rd): As an update to our original story below, it's worth mentioning that the first wave of testers have already been given access to Minecraft Earth's beta. If you're an iOS user in London, Seattle, Tokyo, Stockholm and now Mexico City who signed up via the website, chances are you've been selected to participate in the closed beta test. If you haven't, or if you don't live in these locations, you can still put your name forward -They'll be rolling the beta out to even more cities over time.

There's already plenty of footage up on YouTube etc. if you want to go watch the game in action, as anyone in the beta is free to post images and video impressions. Don't forget to check out the FAQ if you have any questions.

minecraft earth closed beta2

Original Story: I’ll be honest, even though it’s been fun playing around with Wizard’s Unite with my wife, Minecraft Earth is the one I’ve been really looking forward to. I still am, as there are things about Harry Potter that could definitely be better and really, the IP doesn’t have a strong a pull to it in my eyes.

If you’re like me who’s also waiting for Microsoft’s answer to Pokemon GO, you’ll be pleased to know that not only can you now sign-up for the beta, you can also watch a short trailer with some gameplay in action:

Tappables? Really? Who names these things? Anyway…

That small slice shows off everything from what the main map will look like, to what resources you can collect, to how building and sharing works. There are few other things we know about that weren’t shown, like Adventures, but I’m sure it won’t be long.

The Closed Beta will be iOS only for the moment, and it’ll be limited in terms of the locations and number of people that they will be bringing on board. You can sign up here, although you need to be over 18 to sign up, and need either a Microsoft or an Xbox Live account. 

You’ll need an iOS 10 or later device (and Android 7 or later when it rolls out there) and be warned as progress etc… is likely to reset as they make changes and improvements. Check out the FAQ for more details.

Can't wait to plonk down the very first Fort PT.



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