The Cluckshroom is the Minecraft Earth Mob You Never Knew You Wanted

By Joe Robinson 29 Jul 2019 0

As Minecraft Earth continues to roll out its Closed Beta Test to more cities, we've been trying to keep a general eye on it to see how its shaping up versus the current leaders in the GPS/Location-based game space, namely Pokemon GO and to some extent Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, even though it doesn't seem to have performed as well.

Want to read up on more Location-based games? We've got a list for that.

One of the more recent things to happen to the game is the inclusion of a new mob - the Cluckshroom. Yes that's right - despite the fact that literally nobody asked them to, Mojang have decided to find out what would happen if you merged a Chicken with a Mushroom Cow: The Cluckshroom.


According to CraftersEarth, this is going to be a Rare/Blue Outline Mob. This is also a mob that, at the moment, is unique to Minecraft Earth, and so won't be found in any of the other Minecraft titles out there.

Er, shut up and take my money... I guess?



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