Mini Motorways is coming to Apple Arcade this week

By Ian Boudreau 17 Sep 2019 1

Mini Metro (review) is the lovely game of subway maps, and its simple style and soothing music has consumed quite a few hours of my time. Developer Dinosaur Polo Club has announced their follow up, Mini Motorways, will be available on Apple Arcade starting this week.

Mini Motorways will launch Thursday, September 19, and it'll start out being exclusive to Apple Arcade. As far as mobile goes, that's going to be it - while a Steam launch is scheduled for 2020, there's currently no plan to bring Mini Motorways to other mobile storefronts, which means Android users are out of luck on this one.

Which is a shame, because Mini Motorways looks delightful. It retains the stylized maps of Mini Metro, but adds a few subtle gradients and new color schemes to the mix, while adding to Metro's complexity with highways, multiple building types, and new vehicle behaviour.

Here's the trailer:

You can actually choose your color mode in Mini Motorways, and options include colorblind and night modes, which is a very nice touch.

The music, which is dynamic and changes as your cities grow, was created by Disasterpeace - that's the artist behind the soundtracks for Reigns, Hyper Light Drifter, and the 2014 indie horror hit It Follows.



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