MLB Manager 2018 is 60 % off till Friday

By Joe Robinson 18 Jul 2018 2

Out of the Park Developments make some pretty decent baseball games. They have their main franchise on PC, Out of the Park Baseball, which they've also adapted to mobile in the form of MLB Manager. The former is celebrating a new release on steam in the form of Out of the Park Baseball 19.

To mark the occasion the developer are discounting their other baseball titles, including MLB Manager 18 which is the latest iteration of the mobile franchise. We currently don't have our own review (something we'll fix ASAP), but here's the official blurb for MLBM 18 if you haven't come across it yet:

MLB Manager 2018 features a living world that uses the same realistic simulation engine found in Out of the Park Baseball, the best-selling and best-rated baseball management game of all time. Each MLB team in the game features its actual 40-man projected 2018 Opening Day roster. The player ratings are based on the ZiPS player projection system created by famous baseball analyst Dan Szymborski.

You’ve got until the end of Friday, July 20th to pick up the game at a 60% discount on both iOS and Android.



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