The Weekender: Ultimate Sales Edition

By Nick Vigdahl 22 Jun 2018 3

Welcome to the Weekender, your weekly look at the best new games, sales, and updates. We've got just a couple new games to discuss but a whole bunch of great game sales to help kick off summer in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Out Now

Evoland 2 (iOS Universal and now Android)

Evoland 2 arrived on iOS back in March and has now made it to Android country as well. It's follows in the original game's footsteps by taking players on a journey through the history of games with constantly evolving graphics and gameplay and a slew of history-of-gaming references. Like its predecessor, it combines elements of RPGs, platformers, action, fighting, adventure, puzzlers, and a whole lot of other genres. Evoland is clever in parts but the pacing is odd and I found myself wanting to get through certain sections faster, and spend longer in others. It made me want to go and play some of the games from yesteryear but didn't necessarily make me want to play more of Evoland 2. If you are a fan of franchise Evoland 2 has a lot you'll like and RPG super-fans will enjoy the many references and the one more jaunt through gaming history.

Startup Grave (iOS Universal)

If you're looking for a new solitaire card game on iOS Startup Grave says "pick me, pick me!" You play with a deck of 48 monster cards and must be kept in check and ultimately defeated. There's a health bar for both you and the monsters and each card has a value that increases one and decreases the other. Your goal is to play cards by double tapping, which affects both bars, without either losing all or your life or maxing out the monster's health. You can store up to two cards at a time, to get some breathing room, and every 8 cards you can take a favorable card into battle with an unfavorable one in an attempt to clear it for free. If you get through all 48 cards you win. It's a simple and fun setup and works well to kill a few minutes here and there.


Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 (iOS Universal and Android) $.99 (Review)

Like racing sims? If so, and you don't own Motorsport Manager Mobile 2, now's the time to rectify that. The game is just a buck on either store and is among the top options of the genre - which is why it features in our list of best sports management games.

Door Kickers (iOS Universal and Android): $.99 (Review)

SWAT-team simulator Door Kickers requires strong tactics and superior planning to succeed. Get it for a buck.

Codito Development Games (iOS Universal): $.99

Codito Development's catalog of digital board games are all on sale for just a buck on iOS.

Asmodee Digital Games (iOS Universal and Android): $1.99

Not to be outdone, several Asmodee Digital games are also on sale. Links are iOS Only.

Teeny Titans (iOS Universal): $1.99

One of the best games of 2016, Teeny Titans is based on the Cartoon Network's Teen Titans GO and pokes fun at the Pokémon craze while adopting it's most compelling features. You collect teen-sized heroes and villains and take them into 3-on-3 battles in a very meta figure-battling craze that is sweeping a city. You can explore, complete quests, buy new figures at stores throughout the city, and upgrade your figures as you go. The battles themselves are quick, real-time, and tactical and rely heavily on how well their powers work together, as well as making use of class advantages over your opponent. There's a new game coming out soon, Teen Titans GO! Figure, in support of a movie and the original is having a rare sale. Teeny Titans is well worth it at the normal price, and definitely worth picking up on sale.

FTL: Faster than Light (iPad): $1.99 (Review)

FTL is an App Store classic and on a bunch of 'best of' lists across the internet (including ours). It's also just $2, down from $10, its cheapest ever price on iOS.

Sproggiwood (iOS Universal  and Android): $1.99

Speaking of best of lists, whenever the best roguelike games for mobile comes up inevitably Sproggiwood appears somewhere in the pack. In Sproggiwood you play as a simple island farmer who is lured through a magical portal by a talking sheep. Never trust talking sheep. The portal is a trap created by the Sproggi, a forest spirt who to tame the forests for him. The gameplay is pretty classic roguelike RPG with different character classes, all kinds of loot, and random dungeon delves. You can pick up Sproggiwood for $2 on either store.

Bottom of the 9th (iOS Universal and Android): $1.99 on iOS

Handelabra is getting in on the summer sale action with its excellent baseball card-and-dice game Bottom of the 9th on sale for two bucks…

Sentinels of the Multiverse (iOS Universal and Android): $2.99 on iOS (Review)

…and it's equally excellent hero-versus-villains card game Sentinels of the Multiverse for $3.

Tiny Bubbles (iOS Universal and Android): $3.99

Who doesn't like popping bubbles? Nobody, that's who. Tiny Bubbles brings this universal joy to mobile with a bunch of levels of bubble-popping puzzle games. It's a buck off now and a good addition to any mobile puzzle gamers device.


Templar Battleforce Elite (iOS Universal and Android) (Review)

Turn-based tactics classic Templar Battleforce is constantly updated and re-balanced and the Trese Brothers are known for supporting their games post release. The latest update improves the game's scoring system to keep separate records for levels beaten in the various game modes and also lets you compare scores on the same level over multiple attempts. There are also a bunch of balancing changes.

Sir Questionnaire (iOS Universal and Android) (Review)

The much newer Sir Questionnaire is a roguelike with a lot to do, and a lot of updates already made. The latest adds three new gate types: library room, treasure room, and knights room. There are also a bunch of other updates and improvements as well as a wiki. 

Seen anything else you liked? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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