The Weekender: Highrise Edition

By Nick Vigdahl 13 Apr 2018 2

Welcome to the latest edition of The Weekender. We've got a hefty helping of new gaming options for you this week, plenty to last you through the weekend and beyond, along with a slew of solid sales and game updates to discuss. Check it out!

Out Now

Project Highrise (iPad)Full review incoming!

The city/colony builder genre is not well represented on mobile. Most of the options out there are freemium honey pots that simulate aggravation more than anything else. Enter Project Highrise, a premium title where rather than building a city you attempt to construct and manage a thriving metropolitan building. You lease office, retail, and residential space, manage tenant needs and add new amenities and décor to attract more and more lucrative clientele. You must balance space, ambience, and services with rental income to keep your building profitable. If you're really old, this may remind you of SimTower by Maxis and it is a lot like a modern take on that old classic.

Project Highrise has been on Steam since September of 2016, but for most of that time it was in early access. On iOS we get the fully polished version which plays very well with touch controls and has rendered my Steam copy obsolete. I recommend picking this one up if you're a fan of builder/simulation games.

Warhammer Quest 2 (iOS Universal and Android) (Review)

The sequel to much adored turn-based tactical game Warhammer Quest has been out on iOS for several months, and now Android users can get in on the game. This is a case where the delay isn't so bad, as Perchang has made several changes in recent months to make Warhammer Quest 2 much more entertaining, chief among them the return of ambushes to help up the difficulty. My only significant remaining complaint is that your characters will run straight through fire, even if going around it is the same number of squares, so you have to micromanage their movement in those cases. This certainly isn't enough to withhold a recommendation to grab and play the heck out of this one though.


Hearthstone: The Witchwood Expansion (iOS Universal and Android)

Hearthstone's Year of the Raven is upon us and the first set, The Witchwood, is out now. The Witchwood adds 135 new cards, two new keywords, and one new mechanic. Rush is like Charge, but you can only attack other minions. Echo creates temporary copies of a card in your hand when the card enters play, those copies can be played until the end of the turn. Start the Game offers special upgrades if your deck conforms to certain conditions, like having only odd mana cost cards. There's also a new dungeon run called Monster Hunt, where you pick one of four heroes and fight your way through eight encounters in the Witchwood.

911 Operator (iOS Universal and Android)

Emergency services dispatching sim just released its Every Life Matters expansion which adds new vehicles, equipment, and challenges to the game. There's a new Free Game mode where you can play four events including helping to control riots in Boston and keep a summer festival in Miami from getting too crazy. Every Life Matters costs $3.99 and is available now.

911 Operator

Imbroglio (iOS Universal) (Review)

Hall-of-fame roguelike Imbroglio has received its second major expansion, Phlogiston, which introduces an alchemical laboratory bursting with mutated creatures and experimental equipment. It introduces charged weapons to the game, tiles that can become electrified to power up its next attack with extra damage that arcs to adjacent enemies. Charged weapons change the dynamics of the game, open up new tactics, and offer some interesting combos. There's 16 new weapon cards in total along with two new heroes with which to play. Imbroglio is now available via $2.99 in-app purchase.


Vandals (iOS Universal and Android)Full review incoming!

Vandals is a turn-based stealth game in the same vein as Hitman GO, but rather than taking down targets you are vandalizing buildings. You sneak around creating diversions and evading cops in order to find a nice urban canvas for your art. You get to create the mark as well, which is pretty fun. You can vandalize your way across 60 levels set in Paris, New York City, Berlin, and Tokyo. Naturally as you progress through the game things get harder. It's a quick and fun tactical puzzle game and you should check it out if you're keen on the GO franchise and similar games.

Spacecraft - The Printing Age (iOS Universal)

It's the future and only is humanity in space, but we can print components and assemble space craft quickly. In Spacecraft - The Printing Age you build mining ships to gather materials, transports to trade and profit, and warships to take down enemies. There's a great big galaxy to explore and lots of missions to undertake. The game's controls are a little awkward (virtual joysticks to move ships around in real time) but building new ships is fun.



Talisman Digital Edition (iOS Universal and Android): $0 on Android (DLC Buying Guide)

Talisman Digital Edition, now published by Asmodee Digital, is free for a limited time on Android. If you don't yet have this one, it's tough to imagine a better time to remedy that! While not free on iOS, it is $1 off.

Warbits (iOS Universal): $.99 (Review)

Awesome tactical combat game Warbits is not on sale often—it's been about a year, in fact—so it is worth jumping on a discount that comes along. Getting this one for a buck is some epic value.

Crowntakers (iOS Universal and Android): $.99 on iOS

Crowntakers is a roguelike RPG where you, an underachieving princeling, must rescue your father—who was betrayed and deposed by the dastardly Duke Tomas of Esire—and restore him to his throne. To do this you will need to travel across the land, hire mercenaries, fight bandits and unfriendly lords—all the while growing in power and ability until you are ready to save the day, and your father. Or not. There's a lot of not, it is a roguelike after all. This one is quite good and quite a steal for a dollar. (The android version is discounted too.)

Friday - by Friedemann Friese (iOS Universal and Android): $1.99 (Review)

Solo card game Friday is about helping stranded dunce Robinson Crusoe survive on an island, despite himself. It's a digital adaptation of the popular tabletop game and while the UI isn't the best, the game play is still fun.


Mini Metro (iOS Universal and Android) (Review)

Everybody's favorite metro simulator, Mini Metro, just got a little better. You can now play the daily challenge mode as many times as you like, though only the first attempt will be scored. You also don't have to be logged in to Game Center to play it. Even more interesting, the update teased that another major update is on the way. That's pretty great for a game that keeps on giving.

Rogue Hearts (iOS Universal and Android)Full review incoming!

Turn-based, roguelike, dungeon crawler Rogue Hearts' latest update brought the following list of changes:

  • Item drop chances display when the player opens crystal boxes.
  • Chatting policy agreement added.
  • Item decomposing charge time changes 10 minutes from 15.
  • Added a toggle button which can hide each appearance of a cape and utility equipment.
  • As many as five skill sets to store skill information.
  • The progress of Mine of the Death dungeon can be saved on every fifth floor.
  • Tarnished and Purified Alnilam armors added.
  • Special spinel items which can be attached to the cape added.

That’s all for this week’s round-up – seen anything else worth noting? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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