Multiplayer Game of the Year 2012 Runner-up: Letterpress

By Owen Faraday 21 Dec 2012 0
Atebits can keep making games forever. Words with friends (and enemies).

Are you surprised that a games blog that prides itself on championing unheralded sci-fi war games and psychedelic action games has picked a relatively staid word game as the second-best multiplayer game of 2012? Yeah, me too.

Whatever six-legged aliens or revenant spirits that Letterpress lacks for theme, it makes up by being a perfectly frictionless multiplayer experience. I won't blather on about what a beautiful app it is - I did enough of that earlier - but it's truly a masterpiece of minimal design.

It's a somewhat divisive game - there's a share of PT forums regulars that couldn't get into it, and word game connoisseur Lady Faraday found it impenetrable - but for those who enjoyed it, it proved a decidedly durable favorite in a year of fantastic multiplayer iPhone games.

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