Multiplayer Game of the Year 2017: Through the Ages

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This category was the only main category which had free-form voting, mainly because we don’t keep a separate ‘multiplayer’ tag so there would have been no way to set it up like the others. Just so you can see why I prefer the new way of doing things, this is what the graph looks like for the Multiplayer GOTY vote:


Luckily, there was a clear winner. CGE Digital was part of the growing wave of boardgame ports that arrived in 2017, and their digital adaption of card-drive strategy game Through the Ages proved to be one of the finest releases we’ve had the pleasure of playing.


Matt Thrower had a lot of time for this game, and feels that no single award can really convey how good it is as a board-game port:

Winning an award for multiplayer GOTY sounds great, but it's not as great as this great game deserves. Billing it as a card game sells short one of the richest simulations and deepest strategy titles around. And bigging up the multiplayer doesn't do justice to the tough AI and boggling array of solo challenges. But then again, this is one of those games so odd yet so brilliant that perhaps no award will ever encapsulate why it deserves one.

Definitely check out his full review to find out more about why this is such a stellar title.

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Runner-Up: Race for the Galaxy

The runner-up prize goes to another boardgame port. Rio Grande brought their pacey, card-driven boardgame to mobile devices back in May. Our own Mr. Thrower reviewed this one as well, and had this to say in his review:

What makes Race stand out from all the other, tiresome economic engine games in the world is its theme. One could turn this into an abstract point salad, but that would be a waste. The card art and effects and the turn by turn play generate a tangible sense of building, of developing an interstellar empire. The fact you're always working from a new, random hand of cards keeps the game forever fresh. And the design uses every available opportunity to tweak effects into interesting combos.

It's certainly been a great year for board and card-driven games, and we haven’t even got to the main categories yet!

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Staff Picks & Honourable Mentions

Another mixed bag in terms of the staff awards in this one. Michael agreed with the voters in terms of his vote, but we also had nods to other games like Carcassonne, Age of Rivals (which got the next most reader votes) and even Card City Nights 2.


An honourable mention should also go to Hade’s Star, which got a lot of votes but since it hasn’t been reviewed (I passed on it because it was F2P) it can’t count towards the award.

Congratulations to CGE Digital, and Rio Grande Games for some well-deserved recognition.

To keep track of all the winners and runner-up’s during the 2017 Awards, please see the 2017 Awards Index Page.



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