Never Fear, El Presidente is Here! Tropico is coming to iPad

By Joe Robinson 20 Jun 2018 2

Tropico is a really fun and interesting twist on the typical city builder/management genre. As the head of the Banana Republic/Dictatorship, your job is to exploit your people and your islands’ resources for wealth & power, often with hilarious results.

Depending on which version you played (Tropico 4 was the sweet spot, I feel), you’d also be jostling against the big superpowers of the world, potentially pitting them against each other while trying to avoid losing control through revolution, or invasion.

Now, thanks to Feral Interactive we’ll be able to sun it up on our iPads. These guys are known for bringing PC games to mobile with quality ports, the most recent of which was Rome: Total War (the iPhone version is still incoming).

Coming “later this year”, Tropico will be releasing for iPad and according to TouchArcade will be a premium game. If you’re interested, this mobile port is actually a heavily modified version of Tropico 3. So while it’ll be missing some of the fun things they introduced in 4, Tropico 3 was still a great game so we're very excited for this one.



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