New Galactic Keep details emerge

By Owen Faraday 08 May 2012 0
Keeping it real.

Rob Lemon did an interview with Slide To Play that features some new details and screenshots about the pen-and-paper-RPG inspired Galactic Keep: Dice Battles. Have a look at what the Gilded Skull developer had to say about co-op multiplayer:
We are planning on starting out with a multiplayer offering that consists of four player co-operative adventuring. Each multiplayer session would require the players to complete a mission made up of 5 (or more) objectives.

Players will be able to explore as a group or splinter off and explore the map themselves. In some cases, objectives will require the players to split up. Players all take their turns simultaneously. Once they have all completed their turns, the enemies on the map will take theirs. Situations might arise that require players to 'vote' on an outcome, any ties are broken with a dice roll. Fights may involve multiple enemies and players simultaneously... at least that what we're going to attempt.

Ambitious! Check out the rest of the interview and more screenshots at Slide to Play. Galactic Keep returned from development purgatory just last week - the game is in development for iOS and will hopefully be out this year.

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