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By Nick Vigdahl 05 Oct 2018 1

Welcome to the Weekender, your weekly look at the best new games, sales, and updates. We've got a couple new games, a couple updates to great games, and a whole bunch of sales for you.

In case you missed it on the site this week, we also reviewed Where Shadows Slumber, Stockpile and One Hour One Life.

Out Now

Civilization VI (iOS Universal) (Review)

Yes, iOS Universal. Now you can play the latest installment of the turn-based classic franchise not only on your iPad but your iPhone. The game has been completely reworked to work well on a much smaller screen. The result is surprisingly good. The menus are well-optimized for a smaller screen and it's easy to see what's going on in your empire, albeit with a bit more panning around. In celebration of going universal, Civilization VI is also 60% right now, making it a great time to pick it up if you haven't yet, or if you don't have an iPad on which to play it. Be aware, however, Aspyr says the game requires a more recent iPhone, 7 or newer. I did install it and poke around on my 6S Plus, however, and it seemed OK. 

Chroniric XIX (iOS Universal)

The interactive-fiction genre is a popular one on mobile. Phones are the perfect platform to deliver these modern Choose-Your-Own-Adventure like content. Chroniric XIX is the latest title in the genre and features real-time conversations with an entity from an alternative past. The game imagines "what if" scenarios—like what if a scientist discovered an inexhaustible supply of energy way back in 1889—and drops you into the story. I didn't get a chance to play Chroniric XIX, but if you're a fan of interactive fiction it seems to have plenty of promise.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope (iOS Universal and Android)

The pastoral-based franchise Harvest Moon is celebrating 20 years and now Light of Hope is out on iOS and Android. After a monsoon and ship wreck, the game's protagonist recovers from injury in an all-but-abandoned town. Your job is to grow crops, herd animals, gather materials and rebuild the town. Light of Hope appears to be a direct port of the PC and Switch version and might scratch that farm-simulation itch.

Barbearian (iOS Universal) (Review)

One of my favorite games of the year is the action hack-and-slash fest Barbearian. At launch the game was universal, but without iCloud support there was no way to share game saves, effectively forcing you to choose your device. That hole has been closed with a recent update and Barbearian now includes iCloud support. If you haven’t tried the game and enjoy explosive combat games I highly recommend grabbing it. You can read my 5-star review for much more on why.


A Dark Room (iOS Universal and Android): $.99

Minimalist, text-based RPG A Dark Room was a viral hit in 2014 and is on sale for just a buck. It's entertaining and well worth the price if you enjoy text adventures.

Ensign (iOS Universal and Android): $.99

The prequel to A Dark Room, Ensign, brings more of the same great RPG feel. Also just a buck.

Evoland 2 (iOS Universal and Android): $1.99

Adventure your way through the history of video games in Evoland 2. It came out earlier this year and is at its lowest price ever.

Evoland (iOS Universal and Android): $.99

You can also get the original Evoland for just a buck.

Planescape: Torment (Review) (iOS Universal and Android): $1.99

Classic post-apocalyptic RPG Planescape Torment's special enhanced edition—with remastered music, updated graphics, and a new user interface—is at its lowest price ever, down from $10.

Project Highrise (Review) (iOS Universal and Android): $1.99

Skyscraper simulator Project Highrise puts you in charge of the growth and management of a building. You decide how to grow—office space, shops and restaurants, hotels, and more—and work to attract visitors and keep your tenants happy by offering the right mix of amenities. It came out earlier this year and is at its cheapest price ever.

Seen anything else you liked? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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