The Weekender: No Android Edition

By Joe Robinson 15 Nov 2018 1

What is this nonsense? The Weekender on a Thursday? Where’s the manager!? Oh right, that’s me… Due to some annual leave I’m taking over the next two weeks, you’re getting our usual weekly update on a Thursday.

Hope that doesn’t shatter your world views or anything…

What we’re up to

Following up on the Diablo Immortal announcement, we had Nick whip up a critical analysis on what that game needs to do right in order to compete with the already existing (and thriving) action-RPG genre on mobile. It’s not enough to just turn up with the IP, after all.

We also brought you an in-depth look at C&C Rivals’ beta version, ahead of its launch on December 4th. Only one review this week – Squids Odyssey.

In terms of upcoming projects:

  • A new guide on excellent games like Pokemon Go/Ingress Prime.
  • Reviews of Royal Adviser & Football Manager 2019.
  • Our Black Friday coverage will be continually updated through-out the week.

You’ll also have noticed we’ve been updating our strategy genre ‘Best of Lists’ through-out the week. We’ll probably be updating a few more as well through-out the rest of the month. Tomorrow, we’re kicking off our Black Friday sales coverage, as a few places are already getting a head start on that.

Meanwhile, in the mobile gaming…

Out Now

Only two projects caught our eye this week, and they’re both only on iOS. Sorry Android readers!

Black Paradox (iOS Universal)

Nothing screams science-fiction than time-travel and black holes, and arcade-shooter-roguelite thing Black Paradox is positively belting out its retro sci-fi imagery. You play as a Bounty Hunter who travels around in a space car, which you can upgrade with lots of weapons and power-ups.

You also get to unleash a killer move of the same name, apparently. It’s not our usual fare, but it’s colourful and provides plenty of content at a reasonable price. Pretty sure I played this game on my Commodore 64 as a kid, except you were Santa Claus.

Endless Archery (iPhone)

Angry Birds may have been one of the early posterchilds for the F2P phenomenon, but it’s core gameplay offering was pretty solid. Throw a bird at a pre-made structure and try to cause as much devastation to get the most points. Endless Archery, while involving neither birds nor structures, feels like it might inspire the same kind of desire to master.

You fire arrows at distant targets by setting the angle and power of each shot, accounting for wind and the procedurally generated terrain. Even in real-life Archery is kind of cool and trying to master your shots in digital form should be no less engaging. It also comes with online leaderboards for never-ending humble brags.


Both of this week’s updates actually dropped last week, so apologies for that.

Crashlands (Review) (iOS Universal & Android)

One of our favourite action-RPGs has gotten even better. The update last week added same-screen co-op, where player 2 plays as Juicebox. This works with both players using gamepads or just player 2 using a gamepad, more details on that here. There were a few other minor QoL changes as well.

Templar Battleforce Elite (Review) (iOS Universal & Android)

This was in last week’s Sales update, and from what we can tell it’s still going cheap on iOS if anyone wants to pick it up. The November 8th update added a bunch of new weapons and changed some existing ones, as well as adjusting spawn rates of Xeno enemies.


We’re not reporting on any sales today as we’ll be kicking off a week-long sales guide to prepare you for Black Friday starting tomorrow. I’ve had a quick look – you’re not missing out on much, other than Icewind Dale being ridiculously cheap on iOS.

There’s not been a lot of Android love this week, but Door Kickers is also having a sale on Google Play, if you haven’t picked that up yet.

Seen anything else you like? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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