New Star Soccer update hits the post

By Owen Faraday 30 Jul 2012 0
Extra time. Extra time.

If you checked the App Store looking for the long-awaited horses-and-crosses update to New Star Soccer today, you will have seen that not only is the update not live yet, but that NSS has vanished from the App Store entirely. I talked to NSS dev Si Read today and he says that the game has been pulled from the App Store due to an error contained in the update. He's submitted a fix, but doesn't yet have an ETA for its arrival.

The App Store approvals process can chalk up another mystery decision. Even if Si's update was problematic, why has Apple pulled the game entirely when they could have simply reinstated the old version that has been up for sale with nary a problem since April? As a one-man outfit, New Star Games is the very epitome of an indie developer - and it's pretty tough to make a living without a product to sell. I'll wager that if NSS had an EA or Chillingo logo on it Si would be getting the white glove treatment and none of this would have happened.

The New Star Soccer update has already graced the Android Market with its presence.



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