News by Numbers - 10th July 2017

By Nick Vigdahl 10 Jul 2017 9

Welcome to News by Numbers, where I highlight some of the can't-miss mobile gaming news each week.


Sorcery!: $0

Inkle Studios adaptation of Steve Jackson's Sorcery! has been wildly successful, the model for an interactive RPG, and launched a franchise. Now, it is free for the first time. If you haven't played this one, for whatever reason, grab it now for iOS (Android still costs money).

Codito Development Games: $.99

Old school and out of the business developer Codito is working hard to avoid death by 64 bits. Most are either done or in the works with only Medici at risk of having to be rescued after iOS 11 hits. This is really solid support from folks who left the game dev biz awhile back to ensure iOS gamers can keep playing the games they purchased. The entire catalogue is on sale for $.99 to help fund and fuel the fix. Go show them some love if you have the wherewithal.

Games on sale:

  • A Brief History of the World
  • Le Havre
  • Medici
  • Reiner Knizia's Ra
  • Reiner Knizia's Tigris & Euphrates
  • Tikal

Onirim: Version 1.2

Solo card game Onirim brought the Crossroads and Dead Ends expansion to digital in a recent update. Crossroads are six rainbow-colored wildcards that are quite helpful. Deads Ends are ten useless cards that just sit in your hand, staring at you, reminding you how bad you are at this game. Maybe that's just me. The update also brings faster animations and a worldwide leaderboard. The new scoring system has a speed component, which is a little off and feels at odds with the normal pacing of the game. The Crossroads and Dead Ends expansion is available for $1 via in-app purchase.

Rome Total War: 2nd expansion

Feral Interactive wants more of your money and they shall have it. Rome: Total War - Alexander is not only in development but is due out sometime this summer. The original game was ported to iPad last year and was great. Barbarian Invasion followed early this year and was, yeah, it was great too. The second expansion puts you in the sandals of Alexander the Great and lets you show those Persians what for.

RTW Alexander

Smash Up: 8 factions in the base set

The digital version of Smash Up — a board game where you build a deck of pirates, ninjas, robots, and zombies and take on up to three other players — has moved on to the beta testing stage and is looking for a few good testers. You can apply here, but you must be logged into your Asmodee account to do so. Smash Up will allow you to combine two of up to nine factions, to start. It is being developed by Nomad Games, which is good, but we will probably be stuck with Asmodee Digital's version of online multiplayer, which is not.

iPhone: 10 years old

The original iPhone launched on June 29, 2007. Ten years later mobile gaming is still exploding in popularity. What will ten more years bring?

Fighting Fantasy Legends: July 27 (for the Steam version, maybe mobile?)

Speaking of Nomad Games, they are also working on Fighting Fantasy Legends. The game will be set in Allansia, the world of Fighting Fantasy, and will be a digital recreation of three old-school gamebooks by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone: City of Thieves, The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, and Citadel of Chaos. Fighting Fantasy Legends is a dungeon crawling RPG and makes full use of cards and dice to take on a host of dangerous monsters. The game is expected this summer and the Steam version unlocks on July 27, maybe we'll see mobile then as well.

Age of Rivals: 30% greater coin rewards

Card drafting and civilization building game Age of Rivals is one of the better games of a year full of great ones, though it has received some criticism from players on the need to "grind" to earn packs and unlock cards. Roboto Games, the developer, has responded to this concern by increasing the speed at which you gain gold by 30%, thus allowing the cards to be unlocked faster. Check out this developer blog post on the decision to not make all the cards available upfront and subsequent change to progression speed.

Slitherine Games: 32 bits

As iOS 11 approaches time is running out on 32-bit games that don't receive an update to support 64 bits. This includes many older Slitherine titles including Battle Academy, Battle Academy 2, Pike and Shot, and Legion. Unfortunately, Slitherine won't be updating those and many other titles, but they are on sale until July 13 for one last hurrah. These games won't be playable in a few months but you can get them for a steep discount and still play them for a few months (longer if you aren't updating a device to iOS 11).

Small World 2: 64 bits

An early iOS digital board game success, Small World 2 is now safe from 64-bit obscurity thanks to a recent update.

iPhone: 67% still in use

The iPhone's been around ten years and, surprisingly, two-thirds of the units ever sold are still in use. You might assume there are folks running really old versions of iOS on really old phones but 85% are on the latest version.

Cosmic Express: 82.7% finished the second level

Challenging puzzler Cosmic Express groups levels into constellations and its developer recently tweeted an interesting thread on player advancement through those puzzles, as well as game sales. About 17% quit after the introductory level. I guess they just weren't feeling it. A mere 2% finished the first level of the final constellation, which isn't all that surprising, it is a very tough game.

Mini Guns: 100 figurines

A new competitor for Clash Royale was announced late last week: Mini Guns takes a military slant on a lane-based, real time, CCG. You play as one of two factions—freedom fighters of the Republic versus corporate soldiers of The Dominion—and use a growing supply of action points to drop collectible figurines. Games will be fast paced and there are 100 figurines to collect, and trade with members of your in-game alliance. Mini Guns has soft launched in Canada, the Philippines, Brazil, and Singapore and a worldwide launch will be upon us soon.

Hearthstone: 135 new cards

Blizzard announced the next Hearthstone expansion, The Knights of the Frozen Throne. The expansion welcomes the Lich King to the game and he's killed all nine of Hearthstone's heroes and raised them as Death Knights. Seems bad. Probably also fun. The expansion will launch in August and you can check out the announcement and keep track of the revealed cards (more revelations starting July 24) for more on info.

7 Wonders: 2000 beta testers

Repos Productions put out a call for 2000 beta testers for the digital version of the 7 Wonders board game. This thing has been in the works, roughly forever, so it is nice to see them get to this milestone. They will be testing on the iPad and testers will be randomly selected from those that apply. The same announcement states that the iPad version of the game will be published this year with Android to follow.

Solitairica: 100,000 mobile downloads

Regular readers will well know my feelings about Solitairica. It is, for my money, one of the best mobile games ever made. I was happy to see this tweet by Righteous Hammer, the small indie developer responsible for the game. Congratulations to them and well deserved.



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