News by Numbers: 26th June 2017

By Nick Vigdahl 26 Jun 2017 2

Welcome to News by Numbers, where we highlight some of the can't-miss mobile gaming news each and every week.


Asmodee mobile games: $0 to $3

Asmodee Digital has a huge sale going on through July 5th. There's some great deals to be had if you're looking to add some board or card games to your digital collection including the very entertaining Onirim which is once again free. I'm starting to think they are looking at this as their gateway game. The newest, two-player trading game Jaipur is $3. Here's the rest:

You can view Asomdee's full Android catalogue here.

Frost - Survival Card Game:  version 1.4

Atmospheric card game Frost is about surviving the elements and other humans in a cold and bleak world. So sort of like winter in Washington, D.C. The developer has been steadily rolling out updates for the game and a recent update, The Winds of Change, has added a new scenario, the Wind Tracer (a new character), and a new type of event: Winds. There are also a bunch of new cards. It's a free update and if you haven't tried Frost I highly recommend it.

The Warlock of Firetop Mountain: $2.99

Tin Man Games has dropped the price of their excellent edition of classic gamebook The Warlock of Firetop Mountain to $3 (normally $5) until after the 4th of July. Check out my four-star review for more on this great game and go grab it while it's on sale!

Typeshift: 4 new puzzle packs

As things currently stand, Typeshift is my lead candidate for word game of the year. It's a lot of fun and is definitely freemium done right with a solid mix of free puzzles and purchasable packs. In fact, the developer just released four new packs for June, one of which is free to play, and from here on he plans to add more puzzles on a monthly basis. That's some awesome game support and I encourage any wordsmiths out there to go get this game.

Humble Mobile Bundle: 9 roguelikes

Do you like roguelikes? Of course you do. Well, you're in luck because there is a Humble Mobile Bundle going on right now for roguelike games and it's packed full of win. If you're cheap and only go with $1 you get Desktop Dungeons, a classic, and Bit Dungeons 1 and 2. Five Bucks, on the other hand, will also get you Road Not Taken and Dungelot: Shattered Lands. Those are both quality roguelikes. Pay more than the average—$5.27 as I write this—to add Heroes of Loot 2, Sproggiwood, and the underrated Star Chindy. That's basically all the value right out of Valuetown. 

Hearthstone: 10 packs, 1 legendary

Hearthstone game director Ben Brode announced a couple changes to how packs will work starting with the next expansion. First, no more legendary dupes. When you open a legendary it is guaranteed to be one you do not already have in your connection. So if you use all that dust to craft a legendary it will no longer be almost inevitable that you open one in your very next pack. Huzzah! Second, you will now also be guaranteed to open a legendary card within your first 10 packs of a new expansion. If you'd like to hear Ben take over two minutes to say the same thing, check out the video below. Spoiler: He's super excited.

Magic the Gathering: 15 years online

Wizards of the Coast, makers of popular CCG Magic: The Gathering, have a problem. Despite the 15th anniversary of Magic Online, they can't quite figure out how to properly market the game to the mobile masses. Magic Duels was once the answer, but that's getting phased out based on this announcement. The latest set, Amonkhet, will be the last new content for the game. Meanwhile, Magic Online is far too cumbersome for mobile gaming and has plenty of problems just running on a Windows PC, so what will replace Duels, and can it even compete with Hearthstone? The same announcement cites a new digital game to be revealed in September, so maybe we'll find out more then.

868-HACK: 27% off on Steam, expansion coming

Michael Brough's excellent roguelike 868-HACK is on sale as part of Steam's summer sale. If you don't own it, I'd recommend just getting it on iOS for slightly cheaper. The real news here, however, is that an expansion is coming for the game to both versions in July. I really love it when devs add updates and expansions to older games. 

Rome: Total War: 30% off

If you frequent this site you probably already own Rome: Total War, right? And if not it’s just because it ain’t your thing or because you don’t have a new enough iPad, right? If the answer is “no” to both then Feral Interactive has a sale for you. You can pick the game up for $7 for a limited time.

Darkest Dungeon: 60% off on Steam, but…

One of 2016s most talked about games, at least where I was listening, is Darkest Dungeon. It's a roguelike full of gothic terror and psychological stress and is supposed to be one of the hardest games out there. I haven't played it, but its recent 60% price tag on Steam has had me thinking about finally pulling the trigger. Then Red Hook Studios, the outfit behind the game, did an AMA. Asked about an iOS version the co-founder and design director of Darkest Dungeon rated the chance of a tablet release as "extremely high." I might still buy it for the PC, but that gave me pause as I'd almost always rather play a game on my iPad.

Warhammer Quest: 64 bits

"As you loot the corpse, you notice an additional 32 bits in a hidden pocket." That's the iOS update announcing the rescue of Warhammer Quest from the waste bin of history. Bravo, Rodeo Games, for both updating this great game and the bonus joke.

Mobile Games Market: $46.1 billion in 2017

The mobile games market cannot be stopped. It is expected to grow to $46.1 billion beyond 2016s stratospherically high numbers according to Newzoo's Global Games Market Report for 2017 (via this post). 2016 came in at $40.6 billion, so that's an impressive year-over-year bump.

That's all for this week's new round-up. If you have any news you want to share for next week's column, please don't hesitate to get in touch!



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