News by Numbers - August 7th, 2017

By Nick Vigdahl 07 Aug 2017 7

Welcome to this week's edition of News by Numbers, where we highlight some of the can't-miss mobile gaming news each and every week.


Galaxy of Pen & Paper: version 1.02

Turn-based RPG Galaxy of Pen & Paper [Android] just came out last week. It's a heavily meta RPG about a tabletop role-playing group in the 90s. It also just got updated with a bunch of bug fixes and landscape rotation. That last probably doesn't seem news worthy, unless, you have an iPad Pro and like to play games using a keyboard/case/stand thingy (or really any iPad with a case that requires a certain orientation).

Pathfinder Duels: 2nd mobile game using the Pathfinder IP

Paizo, makers of super popular Pathfinder Adventures, is partnering with 37Games to bring us Pathfinder Duels. Duels will be a CCG based in the Pathfinder world and, unfortunately, that's about all we know at this point! You can check out this video for some of the cards and art that will be featured.

Bottom of the 9th: $5

Tabletop card and dice game Bottom of the 9th is nearing the end of its journey to mobile, and set to release to iOS and Android phones on August 17th with tablet versions to follow. It's a fast-paced game that focuses on the duel between pitcher and batters in a pivotal bottom-of-the-ninth situation. This one will be premium game checking in at $5 and we'll have impressions in a couple weeks.

Strike Team Hydra: 14 days earlier

Last week I mentioned that Strike Team Hydra, the upcoming tactical RPG from Wave Light Games, was slated for an August 21st launch. This week I'm happy to share that's been moved up and the game is out today [Also on Android]! Check it out (we'll have impressions in this Friday's Out Now).

Rivals for Cataan: 32-bit problem

If you're a board gamer you probably have an opinion on Settlers of Catan. It's a trendy game to hate the last couple years, though many still swear by its virtues. Far less controversial is two-player variant Rivals for Catan. Both games have digital versions, or did anyway. Rivals for Catan has been removed from the App Store by its developer USM. The problem is that the game cannot be updated to 64 bit and is facing certain doom with the approach of iOS 11. USM is hard at work on a replacement, however, and Catan—The Duel will be an iOS universal app. We'll keep you posted on its progress toward our mobile devices. 

Faeria: 33 new cards

The Adventure Pouch: Oversky, Faeria's first major content expansion, is officially here. The expansion introduces 33 new cards based on the Oversky, airborne oceans full of a sense of positivity, generosity, and cooperation toward shared goals. This comes in handy as the expansion also ushers in cooperative play and allows you to team up with a friend or AI ally to explore the five islands of Oversky and take on the sinister Emperor of Mirnast. You can take part in daily activities, such as the daily Emperor's Challenge, in order to win gold, gems, chests, and cosmetic items. As players complete Oversky missions, and play the game in general, new content will unlock over the next couple months. 

Demon's Rise 2: 16th character

Speaking of Wave Light Games, another update is on the way for tactical RPG Demon's Rise 2 [Android]. This one is bringing a 16th playable character, the armor clad Cataphract, to the game. The Cataphract wields a wicked curved sword and composite bow and will be ready to take down the target of your choice. In addition to the new character the update will include smoother character movement, updated graphics and lighting to bring more realism to the game, and an overhaul of the touch controls to help better change your view of the battle. For newer players, the first few levels are becoming a touch easier as well. These quality of life changes will also appear in Demon's Rise 1. The update has been submitted to Apple so we should see it on our iPads soon.


That's it for this week's news round-up. Tune in again next week for more news & update announcements. As a reminder, news regarding sales & discounts has been moved to our new Friday column, Pocket Sales, so make sure you come back again at the end of the week!



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